Feeling led to Rebecca’s ZenSourceful Living Reiki, I attended Reiki I and Reiki II classes over a weekend. What a blessing to learn all that I did during two very enlightening days. The training fed my mind, my body, and my soul. Days allowed for exploration and instruction. The class was intimate and open, intelligent and attuned to the highest good. We shared with the teacher in THE divine conversation. The class quickly became genderless in that we all came together as ONE to learn and apply healing. And WOW did that come! Rebecca models the teaching practice of meeting people where they are (even before we came!), and she encouraged us all on this part of the journey by her total authenticity. Her voice during the experiences was/is soothing, and her intentions so heartfelt. Healing is genderless and ego-less. To my delight, Reiki can be applied to all areas of life, far beyond the walls of any chair, table, or classroom. The others who attended with me during this journey would attest to this and more, for they too experienced the profound peace and love of connecting–in love for self, others, and Source. Thank you, Rebecca