What to Expect during the Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® Session

If you are looking for a great opportunity to look inward and discover new space for healing, forgiveness, self love and higher consciousness,
consider a Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® Healing Experience.

Allow yourself to soften and uncover something new about yourself through this gentle yet powerful chakra balancing energy session.
A Holy Fire® Reiki session with ZenSourceful Living Reiki begins with a confidential one on one intuitive empowerment coaching.
Together we come up with a plan of intent for what is the core desired healing you wish to take place.
Through a relaxing at home ambiance, as you comfortably lay on the Reiki table, you are guided on a higher consciousness meditation journey. Using crystals, aroma therapy and sound therapy
your 60 minute energy healing experience begins.
People often experience the Reiki energy as a feeling of warm light of divine love.
Your senses guide you on personal, often spiritual and intuitive experiences toward presenting you with flashes of information gently guiding you of the parts of your life on the right path of self care and love.  After the 60 minute table time, we collectively go over what your energy session was presenting for healing. ZenSourceful Living Reiki offers empowerment tools to help integrate the healing far beyond the session.
The session completes with a refreshing feeling of peace and balance.
Days to weeks after, due to your chakras being balanced from the healing Holy Fire® Reiki energy, one often experiences many synchronictic opportunities to make choices that lead them back to this peace and harmonic feelings.  Feel free to contact Rebecca after the session for any questions. Additional healing tips are emailed to you 1 day after you session.
Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki® is amazing and definitely something to be experienced!