Rebecca is a wonderful reiki master. I could feel strong energies while she was working, both coming from her hands and in my chakras. I felt I was connecting to something Divine, the very core of my soul. I had been so depressed and frustrated for the last few months, and she pulled me out of this dark and cold place so I can reunite with my own soul again. I don’t feel irritated or annoyed by the things that were literally squishing my psyche before, I don’t feel overwhelmed with life anymore. I can feel joy and hope again, and if something doesn’t work out, I just listen and find answers. I wish all people realized how important our energy is and how much it affects our thoughts, emotions, our reactions, decisions we make, people around us… The world around you stays the same, but you look at it from a different angle and see different light and different shades. I still feel how energies are circling around and inside my body and help me every minute. Rebecca is very talented and she is a wonderful person too, it was such a joy to talk to her. She radiates this loving energy, and she really cares. Can’t wait to come back! And she also inspired me to take reiki classes for myself, I am so excited!

Maria Kucera

I want to say first and foremost that Rebecca the owner of Zen Sourceful is absolutely amazing at her craft. I had stumbled across her facebook page and saw she was a Reiki master instructor. Truth be told when i started reading through what Reiki was about i grew a little skeptical but as i read a little further i became intrigued and reached out to Rebecca and set up an appointment. Let me tell you first hand Reiki is legit. You know when you get a massage it relaxes the muscles which in turn you feel relaxed and Relieved of muscle pain and soreness. Reiki is like a massage for your emotional, mental and spiritual side to the human body. Energy work allows you to purge the pain we suffer from a breakup from our spouse or from things we have held in from our childhood, the effects that our daily grind can bring etc. when she was done with me i felt absolutely amazing like i massive weight lifted off of me. When you arrive to your appointment right away you get a comfort feel and she has a sit down consultation and asks questions so that she knows how and where to help just like being at a professional massage spa. Rebecca is very professional, makes you feel very comfortable she is very easy to talk to and makes you feel at home. I highly, highly recommend experiencing what Reiki is all about with Ms. Rebecca. I give Zen Sourceful my satisfaction guaranteed approval. Make your appointment today!!!!

Dan Diehl

5 stars is not a high enough ranking…I have suffered from debilitating, daily headaches for years. I saw my PCP, a chiropractor, PT, and neurologist, and tried and failed numerous medications. After my first session with Rebecca, she was able to accurately identify the root cause of my headaches and give me practical advice on what to do when I felt one coming on.

This is just one example of the amazing ability Rebecca has. My life has changed exponentially since I first saw her a year ago.

Now, I recommend her to all of my family and friends that are in need of her incredible abilities!!


J Andersen

I have been working with Rebecca for 5 months now and she has been an incredible part of my healing journey. She is an unbelievable source of light, energy and knowledge. Each reiki session leaves me more in-tuned with myself than the previous. Rebecca is truly a gift and I cannot recommend her enough! So much love and respect!

Andrea Zahourek

I have been going to Rebecca for reiki for 2 years now. She is amazing at what she does and I always leave feeling calm and relaxed. The first time we met she had a very down to earth personality which made me feel totally at ease. I was so impressed with her that I brought up reiki to my adult son. He works in a high stress environment so I mentioned scheduling a reiki session with Rebecca for him. He was reluctant at first because he’d never heard of reiki, but he eventually agreed. He called me after his session with Rebecca and couldn’t believe how much lighter and calmer he felt. Rebecca made him, and me, a believer in the benefits of reiki!

Michelle Horton

I have visited with Rebecca time after time, both in groups, and individually. Each and every time, she approaches the session with wisdom, enlightenment, attention to detail, and expertise. She is such a warm, inviting person, and makes me feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and concerns. I highly recommend her!

Liz Wallace

I contemplated for months on if I wanted to get my Reiki Master certification. Then one morning I woke up and decided to just get it done. The first person that pulled up for me on Facebook was Rebecca and she automatically resonated with me, so I quickly put my deposit down. A couple days later I took her Usui/Holy Fire Reiki III Reiki Master class and immediately confirmed why she resonated with me even before I personally got to meet her. Her energy alone can uplift the most suppressed rooms, she’s very kind, very nurturing, very MOMMA BEAR and I absolutely love that about her. There’s nothing you can’t discuss with her, she doesn’t judge or make you feel silly about anything you bring to her. Even after I got my certification, she has remained a constant resource for me. She’s very devoted to her work, family and students; all great qualities in a mentor/light worker our community desperately needs. She comes HIGHLY recommended.

Ebony-Charisse Maldon

Rebecca is an amazing teacher! Got all 3 of my degrees with her. Got my holy fire masters with her and now thinking about my karuna masters with her. Awesome experience and good energy!

Luis Buenrostro

I’ve had the pleasure of receiving reiki hands on, and distant, as well. When you come into contact with Rebecca you are greeted with the most uplifting positive energy imaginable. She works her magic in ways that leave you shocked, comforted, and feeling as if everything makes sense. I recently have been feeling very down, sad, and have been struggling with life challenges. She mentioned through her Facebook page that she would be sending distant reiki and to comment if you’d like to receive. I definitely commented. An hour or so after the reiki was sent, she reached out to me asking if I was ok, that when she got to my name on the list, she felt some pressure in her heart chakra, possibly over stimulated. I was in shock that she had picked up on the heaviness I’ve been feeling. She offered her amazing support and helped coach me through ways to help myself overcome. Once again, she left me feeling comforted and as if everything made sense. She is truly a blessing in so many ways. Such an amazing beam of light that is so eager to help and love everyone. I recommend reiki to many friends and family, and it’s always followed by me advising them to see HER


Rebecca is amazing, and after just one session I felt cleared and healed of a lot of old stories and energy. She’s very warming and caring, which definitely shines through in every session. I’m so thankful I took this time for myself to relax and listen to my body. If you need a rest or to get rid of any old, blockages go see her!