Reiki Thoughts & Reviews

Sharing your thoughts on your Reiki, Intuitive Coaching or Classroom experience is encouraging for others to take the steps toward their healing. Much Gratitude for sharing!

Just had a session with Rebecca. It was an emotionally moving session and a very powerful session in that I learned things I did not know about chakras and energy in my body, mind, spirit. Rebecca was insightful and helpful guiding me and working out the kinks of unwanted energy. I’m up for another session and happy that I went with Rebecca for something as personal as Reiki.

Michael Lachance

Words are to simplistic to describe the enlightenment I received in Holy Fire Reiki I and II. Rebecca is proficiently experienced in teaching all Reiki levels and so much more! She is so full of love and light it’s contagious. From class: I now have clarity, passion, new goals , and feel fully aligned with my purpose!! Reiki is helping me move forward by releasing past blockages. Rebecca, I am so great full for you. I feel a light has been lit up in my soul that has been waiting for so long to be ignited. Thank you so much!!! a third Times a charm for writing this review 🥰 See you in January🥰 Leslie Karpisek – Columbus Nebraska

Leslie Karpisek

My experience was profound! My soul had been searching for healing and purpose…Not only did I receive both, I received so much more. I have never felt so alive and blessed. The universal energies are alive and within Rebecca! I highly recommend anyone who’s searching for something more in life to search no longer.. she/this is your answer! With love and light you can and will be healed.

Amy Johnson

Rebecca is amazing! She brings this wonderful energy into all aspects of her presence. Whether she’s teaching or practicing reiki or you are just on a phone call, she just lightens the space. I recently took a class with her via Zoom (I am currently in NYC and my fellow classmate was in Germany) it was an all day course, but it was so informative and up lifting, just like an intimate classroom setting. Even though we were miles apart physically, the class maintained the same great energy as if we were in the same room. She answers all your questions and maintains a positive community for her students to reach out to her. I am so thankful to have been apart of her Reiki classes (in person and online) as well as a client of hers. I am already excited for the next class. Definitely recommend connecting with her, Rebecca of ZenSourceful Living!!!

Ashley D


Great place to make a self discovery or to realign yourself with the universe. Rebecca is very professional and friendly! If you have any questions, she is the right person to ask; she is super knowledgeable about Reiki. Also, the facility is beautiful and relaxing. I would absolutely recommend to my closest friends and family.

Josh B.

Rebecca is one of the kindest and most compassionate people I’ve ever met. Her sessions heal the mind, body, and soul. Her energy is beautiful and peaceful, and I’ve felt like each session has been unique and exactly what I needed in those moments. She’s helped synthesize my consciousness into a joyous and purposeful direction and my intuition has been on fire. If you value inner peace, enlightenment, and clarity I’d contact her. She’s able to tap into my energy in ways no one ever has and I feel connected to her in a very meaningful and blissful way.

Miles Adams

Rebecca is a joy to be around. She radiates love. She explains everything perfectly. Her space is comfortable. I felt amazing after my session and for several days after that. It was a wonderful experience that I will definitely repeat.

Cassie Friesen

I struggled with grief and was just plain lost. I started seeing Rebecca at a friends request and that was about 18 months ago. She is very practical in her approach and I know it’s helped my mental and physical state. I recommend her every chance I get and even sent my Mother in law to her! Don’t be shy, don’t be hesitant and don’t let your silly ego get in the way. Make the appointment the only thing you have to lose is missing the chance to invest in yourself!

Coli H.

Thank you so much for this most magical day. I feel so happy and blessed. You did a great job teaching (Reiki Attunement class). It was very informative and enjoyable. I was so happy when we got to give Reiki all together. We worked beautifully together.

Katie R.

This was such an enlightening experience!
I can’t thank you enough Rebecca. You truly are a gifted teacher!
I am still reeling from all the synchronicities. So amazing!!!
Also, I wanted to let you know I think you have a remarkable voice for guided meditation – that was my favorite part of last night. Not sure if you noticed, but I couldn’t help from smiling during it. It made me feel so good! I feel as if I just swam in a hot spring of love, peace, gratitude, and energy.:)
Thank you for inviting me on that journey. I look forward to sharing light & love with you again, soon I hope:)

Twilla T