Maria Kucera

Rebecca is a wonderful reiki master. I could feel strong energies while she was working, both coming from her hands and in my chakras. I felt I was connecting to something Divine, the very core of my soul. I had been so depressed and frustrated for the last few months, and she pulled me out of this dark and cold place so I can reunite with my own soul again. I don’t feel irritated or annoyed by the things that were literally squishing my psyche before, I don’t feel overwhelmed with life anymore. I can feel joy and hope again, and if something doesn’t work out, I just listen and find answers. I wish all people realized how important our energy is and how much it affects our thoughts, emotions, our reactions, decisions we make, people around us… The world around you stays the same, but you look at it from a different angle and see different light and different shades. I still feel how energies are circling around and inside my body and help me every minute. Rebecca is very talented and she is a wonderful person too, it was such a joy to talk to her. She radiates this loving energy, and she really cares. Can’t wait to come back! And she also inspired me to take reiki classes for myself, I am so excited!