Ebony-Charisse Maldon

I contemplated for months on if I wanted to get my Reiki Master certification. Then one morning I woke up and decided to just get it done. The first person that pulled up for me on Facebook was Rebecca and she automatically resonated with me, so I quickly put my deposit down. A couple days later I took her Usui/Holy Fire Reiki III Reiki Master class and immediately confirmed why she resonated with me even before I personally got to meet her. Her energy alone can uplift the most suppressed rooms, she’s very kind, very nurturing, very MOMMA BEAR and I absolutely love that about her. There’s nothing you can’t discuss with her, she doesn’t judge or make you feel silly about anything you bring to her. Even after I got my certification, she has remained a constant resource for me. She’s very devoted to her work, family and students; all great qualities in a mentor/light worker our community desperately needs. She comes HIGHLY recommended.