Spring 2019 Newsletter

22222008_1077811358988971_8560157713312807697_nGreetings and Spring Reiki Blessings!
     Our Winter restorative energy has now shifted into the abundant Spring season of planting our ideas. 2019 is the energetic year of reconstruction of our purposeful life! What thoughts and desires have you been mindfully creating while we were in the caves of our heart chakras during the shadow parts of winter?  What you see in your inner world has a lot to do with what will be experienced in your outer world. It is encouraged to take time to really think about what dreams and ideas you wish to lovingly manifest that works for your journey of happiness. Remember our thoughts, time, intention and money are simply energy and we are always connected to the infinite supply from Source energy. If you are not sure of what you want, my favorite go to affirmation is:
“Thank you Universe (God/Source) for healing me, guiding me, protecting me and manifesting the highest vibrational purposeful life for me. I am ready to receive now a life of happiness, vitality, love and what ever is in my highest good and good for all.”
Try this affirmation daily and often, then watch what aligns energetically!  We are magnets to what our frequency is emitting. Choose to put all energy into your dreams and over come any worry!
Many people choose to take Reiki classes as a relaxing and healing modality for themselves. Others have heard the call to add it to their daily lives and careers (from bus drivers, police to counselors and office workers!) Reiki clears and raises the energy vibration  in any environment. Reiki is a feeling of peace, love, oneness and harmony…. Reiki is for anyone and everywhere! Holy Fire III is the newest evolving of Reiki that honors the traditional Usui system and blends with the paradigm our world is currently in. Letting go of seeking outside of ourself for divine love and compassion and connecting more to it through the infinite wisdom we intuitively have within.  Each of my classes offer far beyond the Reiki manual as well.  Chakras, healing etheric energy cords between people, psychic and psychological attacks that we may send or why we subconsciously receive them, auric field and energy and much more.  All classes honor all beliefs systems of science and spirituality yet our not religion based.  Anyone wanting to grow, evolve on their own self care, self love and soul’s seed mission journeys always benefit from Reiki classes. As well as those who are caregivers, healers, counselors, teachers, empaths, anyone who helps others.  My class focus is how to empower ourselves and others without absorbing the emotional, mental or energy of others.
Thank you for choosing my services! I am deeply grateful and honored to be part of your healing journeys.  ZenSourceful Living Reiki is offering 60 minute Holy Fire Karuna Reiki energy sessions with a bonus time added around for intuitive guidance. My goal is to help clear and balance energy, as well as empower you with understanding of what the blocks are teaching you as well as how to navigate through life with more holistic perspective to stay balanced.  If you have been feeling “off”, tired, stressed, trouble sleeping or restfully sleeping, consider a Holy Fire Reiki session.  Aura Photography is a fun add on service as well to help you see with data charts and graphs exactly how your energy is emitting. It’s a fun way to validate and understand how you feel!
To book a session or class, please visit: www.ZenSourcefulLiving.com
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Have an abundant light filled Spring! Please feel free to email or call if any questions!
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