Honor your flexibility

I salute you my Luminous Zen Friends!

You are here, rocking out on this amazing, messy, emotional, love filled soul journey.
You show up each day, eyes wide open, ready to embrace the lessons and the blessings.
You have shed layers upon layers of who you used to be
and still know your soul is on a journey of expanding.
I salute you for all the heart work in feeling and letting go.  You are here to grow and are flexible and adaptable by nature.
Life expands and things unexpectedly will shift course.
You always have the choice to grow by shifting perceptions or stay stagnant in your energy.

Your soul signed up for beautiful lessons of love and when set to the energetic test, choose the option that brings you closest to love.
You can either see into the realm of enchanted possibility or become rigid with despair.
Your natural ability however is to adapt, be flexible and use your senses
to understand what is in front of you.

The more you shift with grace, the faster the opportunity or solution will reveal.


I am worthy of Healing.
I am worthy of Abundance, Peace, Happiness
and most of all
I am worthy of Love in all forms!”